Accelerating ideas into digital products for women tech entrepreneur.

Our team of innovators will help you launch your digital products.


/STEP 1 

Your team will “unpack” everything you know. We help you draw insights from every member of your team, and together create a simple user story, and set the scope for the week.

/STEP 2 

Your team will work individually to sketch their ideal solutions. As you sketch, everyone works separately to ensure maximum detail and depth with minimum groupthink. After sketching, you’ll use a structured critique and weighted voting to select the best ideas from the field of possibilities.

/STEP 3 

By Step 3, you’ll have over a dozen solutions to choose from. We’ll spend time narrowing down the good ones. To prepare for Step 4, you’ll draw a storyboard, which serves as a blueprint of your forthcoming prototype. Meanwhile, it’s time to select research participants and get to work planning Step 5 interviews.

/Step 4 

You’ll spend Step 4 being ridiculously productive.You’ll build an entire realistic-looking prototype in just eight hours. You’ll be able to gather a team of experts, assign roles, and put your plan into motion.

/Step 5 

On Step 5, you’ll show your prototype to real customers in 1-on-1 interviews. We show you how to make sense of what you observe, taking notes as a team and finding patterns in real time. By the end of the Step 5, your ideas have all been exposed to understand their success and needs.

Women/Excel Accelerator is an opportunity for businesses, start-ups or organizations to develop their digital idea without building or launching. This program is a commitment towards answering critical questions through design, prototyping, and testing with development and UI experts on the FIN. Digital team.

Women/Excel Accelerator will answer questions about the fundamental viability of new ideas, make the first version of your mobile application, develop new features for your existing product, or define your marketing strategies and needs.

Working together with organizations in this 5 Step accelerator, we shortcut the debate cycle and compress months of time into a single week. Instead of waiting to launch a minimal product to understand if an idea is good, your team will receive data from a prototype. The program gives companies the ability to build and test nearly any idea.


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